Open historical music blog

I’m in the process of planning a website where people can freely share knowledge and musings on all aspects of historical performance. All would be welcome to contribute and all articles free to access for all.

Articles don’t have to be as strictly written as for say a masters, PHD etc and ‘musings’ or thoughts on whatever floats your boat – as long as it relates to historical performance – would be welcome. Articles would also be freely commented upon by all and sundry, so as to encourage healthy debate. All in all, much like my own blogging on issues relating to music.

Research has for too long been a closed community with limited access to information. The Internet can help to promote a more open approach, to make information freely available to everyone (which is where it belongs).

If you might be interested in contributing to this idea, go ahead and get in touch. I’m still in planning stage at the moment, but ideas are most welcome!

4 Replies to “Open historical music blog”

  1. Fascinating idea! I’m watching this space – though less interested in appoggiature than in performance practices in the early 20th century right now.

  2. Ronan, sounds great. I hadn’t really thought of venturing into the 20th century, but it all counts as ‘historical performance’. Fantastic. Keep in touch!

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