Easy PayPal Custom Fields Plugin

I’ve just my first WordPress plugin that uses custom fields to make creating a PayPal button super-easy.

I wanted to learn more about PHP and the inner workings of WordPress and I also needed a solution for my clients to add PayPal functionality to their sites without having to remember complicated shortcode syntax. Whilst shortcodes in WP are a fantastic feature and are easy to implement for the developer, I find they can often confuse my clients who often can’t even find square brackets on their keyboards!

Having said that: In order to have full flexibility on the placement of this mystical button, you can select to insert it at the top or bottom of a post or – via a shortcode – anywhere you like in the post.

On the settings screen, the user can select on which type of post (including custom post types) the plugin should be displayed. It’s also possible to enter default settings which can subsequently be changed for individual posts where necessary – this might come in for sites with multiple users.

The button is also customizable with 2 themes to choose between (dark and light) with custom text for the button, or it’s possible to simply display a regular large or small PayPal button (either ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Donate’).

The plugin will encrypt your PayPal username so that it can’t be harvested for spam by the evil spam robots of Mordor.

This plugin is created for WordPress 3.x and currently only supports ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Dontate’ functionality. Download it via the WordPress plugin repository.

Please don’t forget to rate the plugin if you like it and if you feel generous enough to lend a few shillings towards further development I would be most grateful.

Update: I’ve managed to fix an issue where WordPress would suddenly remove the PayPal info attached to the post and the button would disappear. I’ve updated the repository with the fixed version – if you’re using an older version I strongly recommend that you update as soon as possible!


The Options Page

Adding the button to a new post:

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  1. Hi John. Seems that message is generated by PayPal and not the plugin, so your issue is there I’m afraid.

  2. Can you add multiple PayPal buttons per page via a shortcode? How would each shortcode be different for multiple products?

  3. Is there any way to have a checkout system on the page? I am wanting to get their details, as well as a message before they check out to paypal? Thank you!

  4. Hi Richard, Where did you second screen shot come from? \”Adding the button to a new post\” I haven\’t seen this screen before and I\’m still having trouble adding a PayPal button to my site. Thanks!

  5. Hey Christina! After you’ve visited the settings page and chosen on which type of page or post you’d like the button to show up, go ahead and edit/create a new post/page. Under the textarea where you enter the main body of your post/page you’ll find the other stuff you need to add the button to the post/page.

  6. Thanks for the plugin Richard. Just one thing I want to do. My client wants to let his buyers add a personal message to the item. I can\’t find where to make the input box above the PayPal box wider and more than one line high,. I\’ve looked in the css but still no luck. Is this possible please? Many thanks, paul

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